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Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies

Ed Devaney, Vice President of TDC, is in charge of our Chemical, Supply and Consumable Sales. Ed spent 20 years with a large National Supply company taking care of a variety of needs for a variety of different supply customers. Ed has a vast knowledge of what is available, what works well, what products are most cost-effective and which ones simply work the best. For years, Ed has been solving problems, providing supply solutions and acting as an advisor for TDC’s customers.

What does TDC do that is different than other Suppliers?

  • TDC makes you a priority. We strive to provide cost-effective Supply Solutions and continually contrast pricing with our vendors to insure that you, the end user, get the best possible pricing.
  • TDC delivers. We will maintain all of the inventory levels, place the orders, deliver the product, put it away on your shelves and invoice for the products. This simplified process saves the customer the time in researching products, doing pricing comparisons, arranging delivery, having to find someone to be there while product is delivered, and getting someone to put it away. TDC makes it easy to purchase your Facility Consumable Supplies and saves you time and money.
  • TDC acts as an agent for your department and company. TDC helps you select the proper products for your needs, evaluates & helps forecast consumption, establishes baseline inventory levels and plans for monthly or quarterly ordering – which limits the number of invoices you are responsible for! You get regular invoices and have a clear picture of how much product you are using, while being able to evaluate how your actual cost is comparing to your budget. TDC’s customers love the hassle-free approach that enhances their ability to manage resources without having to be responsible for each and every step in the supply inventory process.

What kinds of Products and Supplies does TDC sell?

  • Air Freshener Dispensers and re-fill cannisters
  • Paper Towels & Dispensers
  • Paperless Hand Driers
  • Hand Soap and Dispensers
  • Hand Disinfectant Gels & Dispensers
  • Toilet Paper & Dispensers
  • Feminine Products & Dispensers
  • Waxed Bags & Receptacles
  • Toilet Seat covers & Dispensers
  • Urinal Mats & Deodorizers
  • Trash Bags and Liners
  • Trash & Recycling Receptacles
  • A large variety of cleaning supplies like: Glass Cleaner, Disinfectants, Dish Soap, Adhesive Removers, Etc.
  • Exterior Accessories like: Smoking Urns, Trash Receptacles, Entry Mats, Etc.
  • Interior Accessories like: Floor Mats, Decorative Trash Receptacles, Etc.

Essentially, if you need something for your facility – we can get it for you!