TDC, LTD., actually an abbreviated format of “The Devaney Company”, is an organization that was started out of necessity by Susan and Ed Devaney in 1988. Their daughter Megan, was born with heart defects, which led Susan to quit her daytime job and start cleaning office buildings at night as a sole proprietor. This allowed Susan to stay at home with the kids during the day and work at night after Ed got home.  Ed continued to work for an industry leading industrial product and chemical supplier, while Susan ran the cleaning business for a number of years. Eventually, growth made it necessary for Ed to join her, incorporate the business, and propel TDC into new areas.

Today, the company is directed by the Management team, which consists of Susan, Ed, and their daughter Megan.  These individuals share the responsibilities of keeping TDC current, competitive, and providing superior customer service.  This also includes insuring the entire staff of employees is properly trained, supervised and supported in performing the services for our customers.

TDC prides iteself on loyally serving our customers’ needs through our approach of family-based values, combined with a strong history of experience. We believe in personal accountability, direct contact with each of our customers, delivering results and preventing complaints before they occur. TDC, its reputation, and the value we bring to our customers are our top priorities. We strive everyday to deliver the best possible services to each and every one of our TDC clients.