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Commercial Janitorial Services

TDC was founded on these services and continues to provide services for a variety of large high-profile customers, as well as some smaller businesses in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Through nearly 25 years of providing high quality facility maintenance and janitorial services, TDC has learned a number of ways to insure that our customers get the best results we can provide, on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on having these assets and overall philosophies in place to insure customer satisfaction and ultimately our success:

  • Well-trained, carefully selected people on staff who care about their work and value their jobs.
  • Experienced Supervisors actively participating in field operations, who are responsible for ongoing training and accountability for insuring quality results on a daily basis in each and every facility.
  • Open lines of communication – every team member has a Supervisor that can assist them whenever needed, but at TDC any team member can speak to a member of the Management Team or one of the owners at any time, if they feel the need to do so.
  • TDC Management Team Members take the time to go see field employees, know all the team members and make themselves available to help with any issue the employee may have, or need to discuss.
  • TDC has a standardized, ongoing safety & security training program, delivered by members of the Management Team and covering core concepts that are vital to our success.
  • TDC utilizes high-quality, technologically advanced Equipment and Tools. Concepts like Hepa Filtration and extremely efficient vacuums are not a new concept at TDC. We believe in embracing technology and giving our employees the best tool to complete the job, in the most healthy manner.
  • Clean, properly maintained equipment delivers top-notch results. Our team members and Supervisors perform equipment maintenance daily (like cleaning filters, etc.), to insure our equipment is ready to perform to the best of its ability.
  • The Team Cleaning concept is utilized to have each member of the team performing tasks they are well-trained on, in an order that encourages the team to share information, insure tasks are not missed and strive to help each other deliver the best results possible.
  • TDC utilizes “Green Solution” Chemicals. This means that the products we clean with on a daily basis primarily consist of colorless, odorless cleaning solutions, that are safe for TDC Employees, building occupants and the surfaces we use them on!