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Our employees make the difference here at TDC. This is why we focus on hiring the right people and keeping them for a long career here with us.  Low turnover rates and long-term employees at TDC mean better trained service providers and more consistent service for our customers.


Employee Benefits that TDC offers.

  • All employees, both Part-time and Full-time, get paid Holidays and earn Paid Time Off.
  • TDC has a 401K Retirement Planning Program.
  • TDC provides all necessary pre-employment, new start employee training and ongoing employee development.
  • TDC has advancement potential for employees who want to grow professionally and demonstrate their value.


Basic Requirements for employment at TDC.

  • TDC hires only the most honest, hard-working people to join our team.
  • TDC performs Criminal Background Checks and will not employ anyone with Criminal Convictions.
  • TDC performs Pre-employment, as well as random post-employment, drug testing.
  • TDC requires, for safety & service reasons, that every employee be capable of basic communication in English.
  • TDC is known for excellent services, therefore we only hire people who follow directions and are willing to make the extra effort to insure that the job is done right and the customer will be happy.


What does all this mean to you, the potential Employee?

TDC makes every attempt to enhance the lives of each member of the TDC team. The stability TDC offers our employees is valued, and highly sought after by potential and current employees.  Rarely do employees quit or resign their employment with TDC, in fact, our turnover rate is less than 10%!  This translates to happy, well-trained employees that don’t have to worry if they are going to get a paycheck!